Rock Art for Beginners : Book Review

Transform ordinary stones into works of art with easy and inspirational step-by-step instructions.

Filled with creative exercisesart promptstemplates, and step-by-step projects, Rock Art for Beginners—adapted from the best-selling The Little Book of Rock Painting—encourages interactivity for immediate results, while teaching you the fundamentals in an engaging and fun way.

This beginner’s guide shows you how to gather and prepare your rocks to create masterpieces that are truly one with nature. Written and illustrated by three talented rock-painting artists, the book features a range of contemporary designs to experiment with, from patterns and animals to mandalas and dots. The instructions are easy to follow and invite creativity and originality.

Grab your colors, head outside, and start painting beautiful works of art on stones!

ARC Book Review:

The book has an accessible and fun “vibe” from start to finish. The art is exuberant and colorful. The tutorials are clear and very well photographed. The author begins with an introductory survey of tools, supplies, and some simple techniques such as rock selection and surface prep. The following tutorial chapters are arranged thematically: mandalas, patterns (hearts, flowers, petroglyphs, etc), animals, and nature. The instructions presuppose no prior experience at all on the part of readers, and all the instructions are clearly written and easy to understand. Each tutorial includes step-by-step photo directions which have understandable short captions. 

This is an upbeat and fun book which is encouraging and accessible. The rocks shown range from -very- simple to very very complex. It’s not the execution which makes up the complexity, but the level of detail. Even the most complex designs will only require time and not advanced painting/artistic experience.

Ready for some Rock fun …. Stay tuned to Saturday Kids crafts

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