Art of a Handwritten Note

Welcome to my Home. Today is National Thesaurus day and Handwriting week. Making it a perfect time to talk about the lost Art of a handwritten Note . My Mom was famous for her note writings : she wrote notes to family and friends and of course Thank you notes. Since her passing I have tried to keep up the practice in her honor. But yes : a simple text or email is so easy and No stamp needed.

Reasons to Reclaim the Lost Art of Letter Writing

  • Handwritten letters are personal. : “A hand-addressed envelope with a real stamp and luxury note inside is very tactile. One of the oldest forms of communication, handwriting is innately human.”

Handwriting is a stress reliever. “The experience of writing a handwritten letter has been shown to relieve stress and is a really calming process,” notes.

It’s an opportunity for creativity and self-expression.: It’s also an opportunity to embrace right-brain thinking, allowing your creativity to influence how you write, what you write, how you read, and how you interpret the words.

Handwritten letters provide you the gift of time.: In our fast-paced world, we could all use an opportunity to slow down. Whether writing a handwritten letter or reading one, you take your eyes off the screen and engage your eyes and brain in a new way that requires attention and thoughtfulness

They have more value than a digital letter.

Unlike a text or email, handwritten letters offer both physical and emotional value that doesn’t go unnoticed by the receiver. You can hold a letter in your hands, smell it, display it, share it, and store it. And because they’re often unexpected or occasional, they’re associated with delight.

If you haven’t written anything lately : And want to start with something small :

Handwritten Thank You note :

What to write : Thank You Note basics:

  1. Though it might seem obvious, it’s important to start off your note by actually saying “thank you.” “Address the person and say ‘thank you’ because sometimes people forget that part.”
  2. Name or reference the gift specifically.
  3. Write a sentence or two about how you plan to use the gift or what you like about it.

Lunch Box notes from Mom :

A lunch packed with a note can make your child smile as it reminds them of your love.

When your child sees a lunchbox note, they may feel happy and loved. They may even be proud to show it off to their pals.

So what do you do? Put in a lunch box note and make their day.

Lunch box notes for kids can be funny, cute, and inspirational and can give your child just the push they need to get through a hard day at school. They know that you are thinking of them and that you love them. This makes them feel happier, and they perform better at school.

Thanks for stopping Bye Today ! Enjoy your day…… Lisa

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