Project Life

Monday everyday life in pictures. Enjoy!

Flowers in January :

Even in January Louisiana as color if you look for it poping up. With weather being wet and warm you can see hint of Spring. Knock Out roses bloom almost year round. And the snow drops and wild flowers can be seen hidden here and there.

Knock Out® Roses have been providing gardens with stunning, season-long interest for twenty years! They have the most flower power of any shrub on the market. More than other roses. More than hydrangeas. More than anything else. No other flowering shrub blooms as long or as often! With so many great colors to choose from, you’ll want to add these easy-to-grow roses to your garden for blooms year after year.

Saturday storm:

Friday night through Saturday morning a large storm came through with high winds and knocking out power. So we spent the day cleaning up .

Back to College :

Sunday is move in day.

My son starts another exciting year at UL at Lafayette. This year he’s on the third floor and classes start on Wednesday. He;s cats will miss him.

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