Roar by Catty Diva





Roar stood at attention as he wondered what this special meeting was for. Normally, messages were sent out mentally if they were important. This looked important because the captain had assembled not only the command crew, but the best of the rest of the crew.

The captain paced back and forth, a sure sign of his nervousness. “I need a volunteer. Normally I would select someone and order them to complete the assignment, but since the crew is mainly Phoenix, I won’t do that. That begs the question, what makes this mission difficult for our kind. We’ve distanced ourselves from other races and I have no idea where this mission might take you.

A guard escaped from the lab we just raided with a female captive. The guard has been identified as Forman. The guards only go by one name most of the time for secrecy. I need someone who will be ready to leave right away.” The captain stopped in front of Roar. No one stepped forward but someone had to save the girl and set everything right in the universe. Why did everyone always think he would do it?

“I can leave as soon as I pack.” Was that him? Had he actually volunteered? Aw, hell. He had.


Meanwhile on the ship that Forman had escaped on, Treva felt like she’d been hit by a rock even though she’d only been poked by a needle. Her head ached, her whole body did. Thinking wasn’t clear and she knew she was in the most dangerous situation of her life. Forman was up front in the ship they were in, muttering to himself.

The man had always had a crush on her and now it seemed they were alone. Let him try to touch her right now. She would vomit on him and she was sure that would turn off the horniest male. At least, she hoped it would.

Roar is now available for .99 or read on KU!


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