Today’s Virtual lesson : Geography

Welcome to my classroom and today I am teaching Geography to my students . With emphasis on Map skills. So read on and share with your kids .

Even in the days of GPS devices, the ability to relate to what’s around you with what is displayed on a map is a vital skill. So Good bye Goggle map -Hello paper maps:

Types of Maps :

common types are political, physical, topographic, climate, economic, and thematic maps.

Map Symbols :

  1. How roads are shown on the map
  2. What footpaths look like
  3. Streams and rivers
  4. Wooded areas
  5. Contour lines (mountains)

Let’s Go outside and explore :

  • Take a walk around your neighborhood. Take notes of the important landmarks
  • Discuss the things that should be on a map of their school neighborhood and list them on your Map Key chart paper. Explain the way a map key functions. Show students how they can draw pictures to represent items on their maps.
  • Decide as a group what the pictures should look like for each item. If desired, have the “artists” of the class help draw the pictures on the chart paper. Post this Map Key for students to refer to while creating their maps.
  • After the Map Key is complete, share the sheets of white poster/tag board with the students, pointing out how you have designated the neighborhood “block” and street names
  •  Remind students that they’ll be using the Map Key pictures to represent neighborhood things
  • more information at

Worksheets :

Fun Art Projects :

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