Live out of Louisiana ? Place your Order-


Kng cakes honor the Epiphany (it’s the start of Mardi Gras) and are actually filled pastry rings, frosted and bedecked in traditional royal colors of green (faith), gold (power), and purple (justice). Fans fall into two camps, preferring either the denser, Danish pastry-style, or the light, tender brioche version. Loyalties divide even further when it comes to the fillings, which range from basic cinnamon and sugar to cream cheese, fruit, and even praline. One feature is sacrosanct though: All king cakes come with a tiny baby to tuck inside. The person who finds it wins good fortune (unless he bites down too hard) but has to buy the next cake.

Some of my Favorite Bakeries that deliver-

Poupart Bakery
Lafayette, LA.

If you want a traditional French-style king cake, order: French King Cake  Gambino Bakery

Gambino’s is most famous for its New Orleans original recipe for Doberge Cake. An unchanged staple since 1949, these six layers of moist butter cake are filled with our specialty custard then topped with buttercream icing and flavored fondant icing. If you have a sweet tooth, then this cake will hit the sweet spot. Designs may vary by decorator.(check my doberge post).

The Giant Donut –of king cakes.. They Deliver any time of the year  (Baked when you order shipped out fresh) We ordered one at Christmas for relatives to enjoy  Lisa

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