Customer Service ?

Today Post is all about Customer Service !

You may not know this but I spent twenty years in retail. ( Yes the Big Box kind- that we love to hate). I started as an hourly and worked my way to management. Was it my dream job  -No but it paid the bills ,meet some great people and have lots of stories to tell at parties . No kidding – If you can think it it probably happened. I know theirs a book out there. (call me ! LOL)


The One golden rule when I was hired – The Customer is always Right ! You need to Take care of them.


I guess that Rule has changed . As many as you may have read -I needed a new computer We are on a budget and needed to get one for the household. My hubby did some research on line and we went out in person and checked some places out. Each store was the same – no help and no one seem to care and If we asked questions No one had answers. Finally it  came down to price and who had what in stock. Help yourself and give them money.

This was not my first experience with  Customer Service- We bought a new air conditioner unit for my son room. .Its hot here in the summer – and we were Ready to buy but the air conditioners had No prices and No one seemed concern. When we got help they were clueless and when we called the corporate office to complain they said the store would call back in 3 business days. Two weeks later we called to check and was told that they felt that our concern didnt justified a call back. I was in shock -I would have been fired for that. Since we called back =they said someone would call -we will see.

How things have changed. I must say after Christmas I had problems with my Kindle and even out of the 90 day warranty =I got a replacement from Amazon . Thats the way to take care of customers.




Thanks for listing to my woes. And make someone Happy !   Lisa

One thought on “Customer Service ?

  1. Amazon are incredible when it comes to customer service. They have done such a great job of automating so many of their processes without sacrificing their level of customer service. There are many companies who opt to automate everything and they bleed customers because of the frustration felt by everyone trying to get their problems resolved. Amazon, also take ownership and correct the problems that occurred without questioning good, honest people who legitimately did not receive a package or received the wrong item. Long may it continue!


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