Plate lunch * Louisiana Style

Today Food Fine is the – Plate Lunch. A staple lunch for the working people  of the South  this custom seems to originated in Hawaii during plantation time. But now its part of the South in a big way – here served with a meat ,rice,and sides this classic lunch will makes you a fan . 

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Hawaii Origin – 

Although the exact origin of the Hawai’ian plate lunch is disputed,[1] according to Professor Jon Okamura of the University of Hawai’i, the plate lunch likely grew out of the Japanese bento, because “bentos were take away kinds of eating and certainly the plate lunch continues that tradition”.[1] Its appearance in Hawaii in recognizable form goes back to the 1880s when plantation workers were in high demand by the fruit and sugar companies on the islands.[2]Laborers were brought to Hawaii from around the world, including from ChinaJapanPortugal, and the Philippines. Kaui Philpotts, former food editor of the Honolulu Advertiser, notes that the laborers “didn’t eat sandwiches or things like that; it was leftover rice and a lot of things like canned meat or teriyaki or cold meat or maybe scrambled eggs or pickles, and almost no salad or vegetable.”[2] Later on, macaroni salad was added to the plates, as it seemed to bridge national tastes and also mixed well with gravy-covered slabs of meat.[2] Some locations also include the traditional Korean side dish kimchi. (Wikipedia)

Louisiana T radiation- 

Here in Louisiana A plate lunch, sometimes known in other parts of the country as a meat and three, features down-home, local dishes such as smothered pork chops, rice and gravy, or crawfish étouffée. Typically served cafeteria-style, plate lunch menus feature large portions and change daily, but locals know which days of the week to find their favorites.


In the Area for Lunch –  Try a Plate Lunch !

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  1. I see you follow Rev. Shane L. Bishop. I just came across and shared a post of his on FB and have been skimming his blog all day long. He’s so uplifting and makes so much sense. 🙂


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