Why Do Leaves Change Color?

Why Do Leaves Change Color?


The Fall? In many parts of the world, autumn is a time for leaves to turn dramatic bright colors. … As weather cools, and shorter days settle in, the leaves are no longer able to produce food for the tree. The chlorophyll begins to break down, revealing new and varied color pigments.

Show and tell Time-

Gather up some supplies –

3 leaves – 3 jars, plastic wrap ,bowl ,rubbing alcohol and coffee filters.

  • Break leaves up and place in jar s. Pour Rubbing alcohol over leaves and cover with wrap. Place jars in the bowl with a small amount of hot water(Sun). Let Stand until alcohol pulls the green (chlorophyll  ) away. . Take plastic off and use a piece of coffee filter to filter away the green color as it reaches the air.
  • you should see your leaves change colors as the green goes away.


Leaves need sunlight, air, water, and chlorophyll to make food (sugar) for the tree. … Leaves get less light each day in the fall and stop making food to prepare for the winter. The chlorophyll (green color) fades and other colors (mainly red/yellow/orange/tan) in the leaves begin to show.


Why Do Leaves Change Colors- You Tube




Science Bob explain it here  Blog info

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