Holiday Entertaining : Hostess Gifts

Craft  Wednesday is all about Entertaining today : A couple of great hostess gift and something to Serve but this will need to be planned ahead –

You can make these wine glass rings as party gifts or make ahead and take as a hostess gift. These rings I purchased but you can wrap a piece of wire around a thread spool and make your own. Place beads & charms and a clasp and you are done.  




Need to dress up a bottle of wine. From a fat quarter of holiday  print -cut out and sew a bag for your wine bottle. This is simple and easy & a great way to use up scraps . Lisa 





Louisiana Cherry Bounce 

This recipe you need to start 2 weeks in advance to let cherries soak.

  • 2 quart cleaned/steamed removed Cherries (Bing) 
  • 3 quart of white sugar 
  • 1 quart of Bourbon

Place Cherries in a crock add sugar -cover and let sit 2 Weeks. Stir every other day.Then add bourbon -Stir and Leave overnight. Strain and serve.

  • You can also add all ingredients together -place in a dark cool spot and leave 6 months.  Many South Louisiana families have there own recipe which is served during the Holiday.    Lisa



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