Chinese New Year Kids Crafts

Kids Crafts for Chinese New Year

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Thanks for stopping bye : Today I’m sharing more fun & Easy crafts for Chinese New Year!

When my son was in elementary school I spent a day sharing crafts with my sons classroom :


#1 – Fan – made with inexpensive paper plate ,painted red & decorated. The handles are twigs but you can use Popsicle sticks too.


#2 –  Foam Dog.  Love using crafts foam to make thinks . And these are easy pieces to glue 7 shape. You can cut shapes ahead of time & let kids glue together.

#3 – Perfect for older kids. Using a 6×6 piece of double sided scrapbook paper .

  1. Fold in half. ( Triangle)
  2. Long side up – fold down 2 ends too make dog ears.
  3. Flip up bottom triangle to make mussel
  4. Because of my paper – once the ears were fold I cut them & fold so the inside…

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