Lisa May Blog Tour * Calling all readers





i am later than  usual  because we are out running errands for my parents.  Lots of driving is eating up my time.



But I wanted to let everyone know about  my – May Blog Discovery Tour  : sign up is up top or leave me a note & I will contact you. If you have never done one its fun & easy .  Here’s a little info

  1. Dates – May 1 -12th
  2. Subject / Theme  May holidays  ( may release)
  3. Blogs Wanted – all kinds ( I have 3 more books,crafts & food)
  4. On May 1st – I will have an introduction post . With a schedule,  links & short bio.
  5. On your date – you will need to have you post schedule so everyone can   visit & discover your site. Let your new followers know about your site & what you feature on your site.
  • It’s a fun way to get new visitors to your site. If like me you have lots of different interest maybe that book follower is a foodie – that foodie is a crafter , That Mom is looking for a new hobbies  to explore. Lets have fun & share! with friends ! Lisa


4 thoughts on “Lisa May Blog Tour * Calling all readers

  1. You are amazing to me with being to organize this blog tour. I am sure others have done this but this is the first time my focus was completely drawn to what it is comprised of. would any of my diverse subject blogs work? Or do you need specific focused blogs like a mainly book blog?

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