Sourdough Bread Recipe *

Welcome to Wednesday ! i am away from home today but I made this Sourdough Bread last weekend. Its the first time I made starter & Bread from scratch. Lisa So first You need to make the Starter. So you need to plan ahead -but once made you can keep feeding your starter. Om Monday … Continue reading Sourdough Bread Recipe *

Savage Sourdough * A Cozy Corgi Mystery

book link   Opening the Cozy Corgi in Estes Park is a dream come true: small-town charm, fresh-baked bread, hours by the fire reading mysteries, and… murder. For Winifred Page and her devoted corgi, Watson, the puzzle pieces of life are falling into place as they settle into their home in the Colorado mountains. Surrounded … Continue reading Savage Sourdough * A Cozy Corgi Mystery