National Nail Polish Day *

Happy June 1st  & It’s  Friday !!!


Today is National Nail Polish Day !! Now that it’s Summer time we can add in our toes in to match are do you ?

Was  invented by beloved and behemoth nail care company essie. The brand has declared Jun. 1 as the first-ever National Nail Polish Day. Because why not! So how does one celebrate this super cute holiday? With a manicure, of course!

Here’s some fun facts :

  • Nail Techs Are Solo Artists: A Majority Are the Only Tech in the Salon
  • Nails Are a Second Career: 41% of Techs Start Beauty School After 30
  • Thursdays Surpass Saturdays as the Busiest Day of the Week

Fun Facts: 

  • You can be allergic to nail polish:
  • Your nail polish color isn’t a “random” choice:  Color and human emotions are absolutely linked,
  • You should store your polish in the fridge: You might want to make some room in between your eggs and milk for your polish. Storing it in the fridge increases the shelf life of polish, but make sure you store it upright to avoid spilling.
  • Darker nail polish peels faster: We’re suckers for dark polish, but due to higher pigmentation, darker polishes chip faster.


Who Has the fun of naming nail polish ? Well at OPI a team does it and at Essie the owner does it, 

Want to make your own  DIY Nail Polish directions





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