Potions and Pastries * Bailey Cates

Don’t Want to make them ? Check your local bakery for your favorite filled doughnuts today !! Yum    Lisa 



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In this New York Times bestselling mystery series, witch Katie Lightfoot bakes enchanted treats—and faces more than her fair share of toil and trouble…. 

It’s been exactly two years since Katie and her aunt and uncle opened the Honeybee Bakery, where they serve delicious—and bespelled—treats to the good people of Savannah. After a dinner celebrating the bakery’s anniversary, they all take a stroll along the waterfront and meet Aunt Lucy’s friend Orla, a colorful character who has been telling the fortunes of locals and tourists alike for years.

The next day, Orla meets with what seems like a terrible accident, but Katie’s witchy intuition tells her it was something more sinister. Together with her trustworthy coven and her firefighter boyfriend, she’ll race to find out what happened to the unfortunate fortune-teller before the piping hot trail goes cold….

Editorial Reviews


Praise for the Magical Bakery Mysteries

“Katie is a charming amateur sleuth, baking her way through murder and magic set against the enchanting backdrop of Savannah, Georgia.”—New York Times bestselling author Jenn McKinlay

“[The] sixth of the Magical Bakery Mystery series remains as entertaining as the first, with a mythology that is as developed as Katie’s newfound talent and life within the Savannah magical community.”—Kings River Life Magazine

“Ms. Cates has most assuredly found the right ingredients…a series that is a finely sifted blend of drama, suspense, romance, and otherworldly elements.”—Once Upon a Romance

“As a fan of magic and witches in my cozies, Cates’s series remains a favorite.”—Fresh Fiction

“Charming….Let Cates cast her spell over you.”—Library Journal

About the Author

Bailey Cates believes magic is all around us if we only look for it. She is the New York Times bestselling author of the Magical Bakery Mysteries, including Spells and SconesMagic and Macaroons, and Some Enchanted Éclair. Writing as Bailey Cattrell, she is also the author of the Enchanted Garden Mysteries, which began with Daisies for Innocence.

Paczki * Filled Doughnut Day

Happy Filled doughnut Day !!! 

How can it not be a great day – it’s Friday & we get to eat doughnuts !!!

berliner dessert donuts doughnuts
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Do you have a favorite filling ? I am actually a fan of cream filled doughnuts but living in Michigan for many years I got introduced to Polish doughnuts called   pączki.

What are they ?

Although they look like German berliners, North American bismarcks or jelly doughnuts, pączki are made from especially rich dough containing eggs, fats, sugar, yeast and sometimes milk. They feature a variety of fruit and creme fillings and can be glazed, or covered with granulated or powdered sugar.

You can make them at home but if you are in an area that have them pick up a box.

Friday’s Recipe :  Paczki 

  • 1 pkg Active Dry Yeast
  • ¼ cup lukewarm Water
  • ⅓ cup Butter, softened
  • ⅔ cup Sugar
  • 1 Egg
  • 3 Egg Yolks
  • ¼ cup Rum
  • ¾ tsp. Salt
  • 3½ cup Flour
  • oil, for frying
  • plum preserves, for filling
  • Powder sugar for dusting

Dissolve yeast in water and set aside. In a the bowl of a stand mixer, cream butter and sugar until fluffy. Add the whole egg, followed by the egg yolks one at a time. Add rum, dissolved yeast and salt. Add flour and Mix about 5 minutes. Place dough in greased bowl -Cover & let Raise .

Flip risen dough onto floured surface. Roll to 1/2 inch thickness. Cut into rounds using an upside-down coffee cup. Continue rerolling and cutting dough until it is all used. Place rounds onto a lightly floured cookie sheet and cover with plastic wrap. Allow to rise for about a half hour.

Fry in 375 degree oil for about 2 1/2 minutes per side or until golden brown. When fried, remove to paper-towel lined cookie sheet and immediately sprinkle with powdered sugar. Fill with choice of filling using a pastry bag .   Lisa