Flowers of Hope

My weekly Hope message - Where flowers bloom there is Hope. And I love to watch my flowers grow and transfer from plants,to Buds to flowers. Just like a can of paint can transform a room or an item . Lisa HOPE ; my One little Word for 2018 . Ali Edwards class,

Crash Cherry Hills * Paige Sleuth

Cozy Cat Caper  Mystery :  book link Book 23 of this series.  Kat Harper doesn't expect to witness a terrible car wreck when she agrees to help her friend Imogene shop for a new vehicle. But was the fatal crash a tragic accident or something more sinister? The amateur sleuth will have to investigate if [...]

Monday recipe * Catnip Crackers

Welcome to a rainy Monday ! Today I am sharing this picture my son took of his new laptop for college and one of our cats DOTcom. Yeah !  my son named him that.  Hes the oldest of our bunch and has a large dot on one paw. So the name stuck. Dot found a [...]