No Pet’s Allowed

Good Morning ! 

As many as you know my Son is getting ready to go away to college. He’s already signed up for housing & we got a list for things needed for his dorm room  . But  Something is  missing  from the List & it’s  a  Big thing – What is it ? 

Well here’s a short list : 

  • We have a laptop /  backpack
  • calculator
  • Bedding (cleaning supplies)
  • refrigerator
  • X box (games)
  • Food  /storage
  • clothes

But No Pets !!! 

Yes – His kitties.  His best friends, study partners & school  mate  and bed  hogs .  I don’t know what we will do. I am trying to think of ways to smuggle in a cat each time we visit. For Some Cat Therapy. ( Just kidding ! maybe) He will just  have to come home to visit his cats.  This is Dotcom. ( he has a dot on his paw) , 


Today is National Share your  Pet Photo Day ! 

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