Tuesday * Library day

This Tuesday it's all about the public Library. My small town only has a small one only opened part time but a big part of our community & my family. We have all been big book lovers all our lives and we love giving back to our local library. If you  haven't visited lately make [...]

S’mores Murders * Maya Corrigan

      Happy Tuesday ! And it's Library Day  Here * Every  Summer Party needs some S'mores so  Check this book out ! book link S'more Murders (A Five-Ingredient Mystery) Managing a fitness club café and collaborating on a cookbook with her grandfather are Val Deniston’s usual specialties, but she’s about to set sail [...]

Promises and Pina Coladas

  Happy Pina  Colada Day :       book link In college, Annie Tremont and Ben Danforth made a promise over a particularly wicked pitcher of Piña Coladas: if either of them needed anything, (anytime, anywhere) the other would be there. It was the kind of thing close friends say, never expecting the words [...]