Chinese New Year Kids Crafts

Welcome to Wednesday !

And today I am share some fun children crafts for Chinese New Year -My husband is an American Born Chinese but both of his parents are immigrants to the USA. He enjoys passing on his family traditions and customs to our family and others. This was my sons class in elementary school . He told them about the holiday and shared food and we made crafts.

Cupcake paper Dragon

  • 12 paper cupcake holders (folded in half)
  • Construction paper in red and gold- for Face.
  • Base paper and Glue

Make the dragon face and horns , and attach the folded cupcake papers to each other in a curve shape.

Paper Plate Fan :

  • White paper plate cut in half
  • sticks for handles /with string
  • Red paint / gold decorations
  • glue,tape and sharpie to write symbols

Paint half of paper plat e with Red paint . Make handles and attach on the back with tape. Decorate with gold sequins and write symbols on fan.

Fun Color Pages :

This title has everything you need for a classroom celebration of the Chinese New Year or a study of the country of China and their culture.

We include reproducible paper bag puppets (dragon and panda), dragon-shaped stationery, Chinese lanterns, figurines featuring traditional Chinese dress, a pretend firecracker, flash cards, book cover, fan-folded paper dragon, and so much more! Complete instructions also provide a background and history of the holiday, as well as a story for the students concerning the naming of the years in China.

This unit also contains material that can be used at other times of the year! A traditional Chinese hat (that the students can actually wear!), paper masks, a model of the Forbidden City, a map of China, the Chinese flag and money….

Your students will even learn to speak Chinese! Included are flip booklets to teach the numbers to 10 and the colors of the rainbow. Various other projects also include the Chinese term and character!

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