No Bullying ! 3 Children Books to Read

Today’s Library and School post is about : No Bullying !  Our school has a No Bullying Policy and making a statement with  wearing Orange and signing the No Bullying Pledge – join the movement.  Lisa 

Check these out or Free with Kindle Unlimited to Borrow ! 




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Ailey feels lonely in her new third grade class. A bully begins to tease her, and she doesn’t know what to do. The bullying begins to change Ailey.

Editorial Reviews

About the Author

Beverly Rosas has been a Special Education teacher for twenty-two years. She has a passion for reading, writing and building children’s self-esteem. Beverly enjoys spending time with her seven grandchildren.

Bully Bug is a fully illustrated Anti-Bullying children’s book containing a choose your own path style story, written entirely in rhyme!

Follow along with Niko, a bug who was born with only one fully formed antenna. Niko is bullied at school and must decide how to react. That’s where YOU come in! Lead Niko down different paths and discover multiple endings depending on how you choose to react to the bully!



book link

The No More Bullying Book for Kids is your child’s guide to build the skills and resilience to confidently handle bullying whenever or wherever it occurs.

Bullying has become a common problem for kids. Yet, many may not know what bullying actually is or what to do if it happens to them. The No More Bullying Book for Kids gives kids the information they need to identify bullying, followed by strategies for dealing with specific situations when they or someone they know is being bullied.

The No-More Bullying Book for Kids addresses the various forms of bullying that occur in today’s world and includes:

  • An overview of bullying to help kids understand what bullying is, possible reasons why people bully others, and the different types of bullying—physical, verbal, emotional, and cyber
  • Practical tips for specific words and actions kids can use to deal with bullies, as well as advice for getting help from others when they need it
  • Strategies for becoming “bully proof” which focus on helping kids build the resilience to bounce back from bullying
  • Real-world examples and anecdotes that illustrate a variety of real-life bullying instances and encourage kids to practice making judgment calls

Written by professional school counselor Vanessa Green Allen, The No-More Bullying Book for Kids puts the power back in kids hands with tools that will give them confidence in the face of bullying and help them feel really good about who they are—which is all that actually matters.

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