Stocking Love * Quilt along and fun facts

Christmas Stocking Block 17 in our quilt along  This is our last quilt block for this quilt. Hope you had fun and I had fun sharing family Christmas with you. Next Friday – It’s Christmas Cookies !!

Family Memories : 

Do you have a family custom about stockings?  I remember as a child Mom buying a fake (cardboard) Fireplace so we could have a mantle for our homemade stockings. Even when I married – we never lived in a house with a fireplace so we made do with book shelves or walls to hang our stockings. 

This is a Vintage one that can be purchased from Amazon.

Here’s a few Stocking facts” 

  • A Christmas stocking is typically a sock or sock shaped bag.
    Christmas stockings are traditionally hung on Christmas Eve, ready to be filled secretly with presents during the night, which are usually opened the next morning.

  • Santa is said to put gifts in Christmas stockings, for good boys and girls.

  • There is no written history of the Christmas stocking, although there are many legends of how the stockings came about.

Need a template to make your own

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