Book Review * Fast and Fun Watercolors

Take a journey through Gina Lee Kim’s watercolor palette–with each chapter representing one of the standard colors found in the color wheel. Learn how to merge watercolor and mixed media together without the stress of having to draw out a composition before getting started. Each chapter will demonstrate a unique project and technique, along with a gallery of inspiring works. You will also learn about the emotional symbolism of each color.

  • An approachable, stress-free introduction to watercolor; fine drawing skills are not a requirement
  • Explore each color in the color wheel, while learning about their mixing qualities and the emotional symbolism of colors
  • Tips and advice on carving out time to create, sharing your work with others, and owning your own voice
  • 12 step-by-step demonstrations show how to merge watercolor with a bit of mixed media

Net Galley Book Review :

 Gina uses watercolor and mixed media with step-by-step directions for creating art that is personal and fum Gina uses her favorite quotes and words working them into her art. She starts with the tools explaining why she uses a specific product and then listing of mixed-media supplies are also given. She presents color theory, terminology, schemes, and temperature need for great results. She has a five-step painting method that involves no drawing. Perfect for any budding painter or artist this newest book is one you dont want to miss.

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