Easy DIY Beading Crafts

Happy Friday ! And today I have some fun DIY Jewelry gifts to make or give away !

Wine Cork Key Chain:

Supply List : 

  • clean dry Wine cork
  • Split Ring
  • 2 cup hook (screw eyes)
  • Jewelry finding,beads ,charms

Attach your split ring to one of the small crew eye. Attach that one to the top of the cork and screw the other one in the bottom of cork. * To make it easier -mark and make a small starter whole to screw the eye into.

Then from the bottom screw eye lop attach tags,beads and more at different length with jump rings . Most craft stores have a large selection of beads and tags with loops that can be thread onto the jump ring and then to the bottom loop. Also look for beads with clips (blue bead) you can just clip on where needed for decorations. Have fun and personalize it for a wine lover,book lover or brides made gift – you can find charms for everything.

The screw eyes can be easily found at any hardware store for $1-2. All other materials are available at local craft stores.

Beaded Bracelet :

Do you like to change your jewelry with your outfit. This is a fun inexpensive way Buy the base bracelet (amazon/Walmart) and by a package of large Bead. The Beads ends of the bracelets twist off so you can slide of beads and add more or add charms. Lisa

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