Easter egg Pacques

Welcome to Tuesday ! Today I am sharing a family Easter tradition:

This custom is carried out in several Cajun communities throughout South Louisiana. In some areas the practice is referred to as “Pacques Pacques”, which simply means “Easter Easter” in French, but is also a play on words because the sound of an egg tapping on another egg makes a sound like “poc” .

The town of Marksville and the neighboring town of Cottonport are unique in that they have organized contests for egg knocking. Marksville was the pioneer in establishing the formalized event in 1956. So join an event or have one yourself to celebrate Easter…Lisa

Outside of organized competition, the tradition of egg knocking is more about bringing the family together than the pock-pock-pocking of eggs going tête-à-tête. The boiling (pointy end down, to avoid air bubbles) and dyeing of the family’s eggs brings everyone around the table, where there is likely plenty of egg salad to go around.

Rules :

You hold your Easter egg in your clenched hand as your opponent knocks his egg against yours. If your egg cracks, you lose.

Where to Try It

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