Back to Christmas

– Children Christmas book :

Find out what happens when the elf in charge of labeling humans naughty or nice tries to save his job at the expense of a family that’s forgotten the meaning of Christmas. Kirkus Reviews calls Back to Christmas “A wonderful addition to any Christmas story collection.” Audiofile Magazine says this story is “…as good as it gets” and named Back to Christmas an Earphones award winner! 

Back to Christmas is a story readers of any age can enjoy, and one parents will love reading with their children and grandchildren. Join twelve-year-old Amanda Krumwerth and her family, who spend more time with their electronics and social media than they do with each other, and Marmel, Santa’s Head Labeling Elf, who wants to make sure the Krumwerths never get off the Naughty List, to see if they can all find their way back to Christmas, with the help of flying penguins, Santa Claus, Santa’s younger brother (also known as “Reverse Santa Claus”), and an aging heavy metal rock star.

As one Amazon reviewer wrote: “I meant this book to be only read to grandkids and great grandchildren. I ended up enjoying it myself. I’m old and cranky like the elf that was losing his Christmas spirit. I guess I was too! After reading, it is back.”

Children Book Review:

I enjoyed this book. It shows how easy it is to get so caught up in what you are doing and forget to think about what is really important to you. How we can all fall into the trap of being distracted by social media, the internet and the very electronic lifestyles most of us lead and not appreciate the small things. .. A fun book with a new twist on Christmas and the Naughty list. Lisa

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