The Productivity Habit:

A 10-Week Journal to Become More Productive

More than a journal. More than a planner. More ways to boost your productivity.

Create the good habits you need to reach your goals! The Productivity Habit offers you all the best elements of a guided journal and a planner combined in one efficient package.

It takes an average of 66 days to change routines, so make sure you don’t waste any of them. Filled with daily writing prompts, goal-setting pages, and habit trackers, The Productivity Habit shows you the secrets to getting the most out of your time―every single day.

The Productivity Habit includes:

  • Boost your productivity―Turn bad habits into good ones with exercises that help you reflect, evaluate, and process the roadblocks that are holding you back.
  • Practical tips―From strategic scheduling to organizing your inbox, discover simple (and actionable) ways to increase your efficiency.
  • A reward plan―Make time for yourself with weekly rewards designed to give you a chance to recharge and reinvigorate yourself―an important part of bringing real change into your life.

Get the help you need improving your productivity―one day at a time.

Book Review : Callisto Publisher’s Club!

This is the perfect book to get you ready for the new year . Each week you have goals and easy prompts to help you reach your personnel goals. After a few weeks this will make your life more productive something we all need in our life. Happy New Year !

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