24 hour Rule of Happiness : Million Dollar Smile

Dr. Leonid Altshuler M.D., a board-certified psychiatrist, went through years of misdiagnosis and suffering before he discovered an innate connection between stress, diet and physical and mental illnesses.  

In this short book, he describes simple, practical, holistic steps that everyone can take to not only get rid of depression within 24 hours but prevent it forever from coming back.

These steps are based on the knowledge he brought from his guru, healer and meditation teacher in Nepal, as well as the latest scientific discoveries made in the area of mental health and brain research.

There is an epidemic of depression happening across the USA and other Western countries.

The suicide rate has also risen significantly over the last 50 years. More and more people are killing themselves as a result of depression, in spite of the treatments available. 


21st-century depression is very different from previous depression in regard to brain biochemistry. It has different causes, and, as a result, has to be treated differently.

In this book Dr. Altshuler offers explanations and a plan.

He has been successfully utilizing this treatment approach in his practice for years and now is very happy to share it with all my readers.

This book includes specific suggestions for readers at the end of the book as to how to evaluate their progress.

Many readers will also benefit from keeping a diary where they can grade how they feel based on what they do at any particular day. Information on how to do that is also provided.

Information on how to keep a diary for 180 days and then analyze the data is also provided in the book.

This will give you ideas regarding diet and coping skills for depression, anxiety and insomnia.

Net Galley Book Review:

short guide that describe simple and practical steps to get rid of depression within 24 hours and prevent it forever from coming back . The book is divided into small chapters that talk about the importance of paying attention to the basics of appropriate diet and meditative techniques and trying to understand the mind and body connection . Along with patients case study that shows this concept works this book is a winner. So read this are buy it for a friend in need and start your New Year healthy and happy … Lisa

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