Sunday bible journaling :

Today is the bible books are : 1 an 2 Kings :

As I work my way through the bible each Sunday :

The books  of Kings show that Israel suffers again and again because of its … Yet there is still hope for the nation, because God’s chosen family of kings has … Solomon’s reign marked the high point of Israel’s power and wealth in biblical times.

Kings covers a period of 400 years, it tells us of the reign of Solomon and the succeeding kings of Judah. It shows us the rise and decay of the kingdom. In the reign of Solomon the kingdom was at its height. Solomon’s heart was not devoted to God as his father – God wants our hearts. Solomon was the wisest man in the word until Jesus came who said of Himself – “and now one greater than Solomon is here.” (Matthew 12:42) After Solomon’s death the kingship ceased to be the medium through which God governed His people. It is now that the period of the prophets is introduced, Elijah focused on it 1 kings and Elisha focused on in 2 kings.

Solomon built the temple of God on the same mountain Abraham offered up his son and 2000 years later God would offer up His son. It was because of this sacrifice for our sin that God could make us His temple – for our bodies are the temple of the living God.

Meaning behind the verse:

1 Kings 8:20

And the Lord hath performed his word that he spake
To David, concerning his son’s building the temple:

and I am risen up in the room of David my father, and sit on the throne
of Israel, as the Lord promised;
succeeded him in the kingdom:

and have built an house for the name of the Lord God of Israel;
the temple he had now finished; and thus the promise to David was punctually fulfilled, that he should have a son that should succeed him in the throne, and build the house of the Lord.

2 kings Prayer:

What was Hezekiah’s prayer?”Go back and tell Hezekiah, the leader of my people, `This is what the LORD, the God of your father David, says: I have heard your prayer and seen your tears; I will heal you. On the third day from now you will go up to the temple of the LORD. I will add fifteen years to your life.

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What is Bible Journaling?
Bible journaling is a creative way to document your personal study of the Bible. We are all called to study His Word, and journaling in your Bible is one way to record your journey as you build a stronger relationship with God. A journaling Bible helps you bond with Him in a new way, using the talents He blessed you with to glorify Him. Not only does this Bible study technique help you memorize and reflect on meaningful Scripture, it helps you deepen your connection with the Lord.

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