Mardi Gras Tips : Lafayette

Are you ready for the big party on Tuesday ! Our family favorite town to watch the parades is in Lafayette or one of the small neighboring towns. But if you are a first time visitor to Lafayette here some tips and download the parade app….. Lisa

Lafayette, LA parades are family friendly:

Lafayette, LA’s Mardi Gras celebration is absolutely geared towards families. From staking out a spot along the barricaded parade route to the Le Festival de Mardi Gras a Lafayette, LA at Cajun Field with carnival rides and live music you can be sure your family will be safe and have a great time.

Where should I park?

You may park along a side street free of charge, avoiding driveways and private property. Don’t be surprised to see “entrepreneurs” along the way to park in a private parking lot near the parade route. If you want to watch the parades from the Le Festival de Mardi Gras, you may park for a fee at Cajun Field. Admission to the festival is free.

Safety Tips to keep in Mind :

  • Research the town and parade route. Most are posted online.
  • Parking : Be careful where you park. Lots lots small towns have designated parking for a fee but if parking on the street be mindful of signs and driveways.
  • Dress in layers,carry cash and leave your pets at home. If in group have a designated meeting spots -as well as meet up spots.
  • Talk to the local they can give you tips on where to watch parade,bathrooms and food tips.

While the parades are in progress you should stay behind the barricades. Definitely have fun and let loose, but realize that lewd behavior and/or drunkenness can get you arrested. Don’t throw things at the float riders. It’s not only disrespectful, but you could seriously hurt someone. If you have children make sure to keep them close and come up with a meeting area in case you get separated from each other. There are several items are prohibited along the parade route including weapons, fireworks, bicycles, glass containers, and pets.

Monday Night Parades in Lafayette:

6:00 p.m. – Queen’s Parade

8:00 p.m. – Krewe of Triton Parade

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