School time with Lisa

Happy Thursday everyone and Welcome :

Are your kids home from school because of the Flu? Did your school not go online or didn’t send work home? Worried about your kids education?

Here’s some great sites to explore and have fun while Learning :

Board Kids :

Go outside and Play. Play board games and puzzles.

Read :

This is so important. Have your kids grab a book and read at least 30 minutes a day. If they are small read too them, After reading small children can draw a picture about what you read. Older kids can write a short paragraph. Some sites :

Library Overdrive > call library and sign up


You Tube :

PBS Channel :

Math :

My number one site for math and much more. Kahn Academy

Splash Learn

Prodigy Math

Math Blaster

History, Science and More :

I love You Tube for this.

History for Kids

National Geographic for Kids

Pinterest ( worksheets and printable )

15 virtual field trips

While most of these sites are Free some have subscriptions prices for added content. Lisa

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