Today’s Craft * Knitting

Do you knit ?

I learned to crochet as a child with my Grandma – but was introduced to knitting from my Mother in law. I am not very good at it but I like to make small thing for friends and the local hospital . Today we are making washcloths – perfect for the new knitter-so enjoy…. Lisa

History of knitting :

Knitting is a technique of producing fabric from a strand of yarn or wool. … The oldest knitted artifacts are socks from Egypt, dating from the 11th century CE. They are a very fine gauge, done with complex colorwork and some have a short row heel, which necessitates the purl stitch.

The Numbers :

  • 28.8 million Americans participated in knitting and/or crochet in 2016.
  • The year, the crafts represented a market of $2.79 billion, with an average monthly spend per household of $20.57.
  • Knitters and crocheters are likely to also participate in other needle arts.
  • 77% buy their supplies in a physical store. 4% buy outside physical stores, and 19% buy from both. (Remember, crafters are always researching new products online first, regardless of where they buy!)
  • 62% give the items they craft as gifts. However, knit and crochet items are the most commonly donated crafts at 18%. 58% also keep their items.
  • While 18% consider themselves experts (one of the highest percentages of any craft) the other 82% rate their skills as beginner or intermediate
  • 71% of knitters and crocheters are female. 29% are male.
  • 37% are employed full-time.
  • Like we mentioned, knit and crochet age ranges are fairly even across the board: 34% are 18+34, 36% are 35-54, and 30% are 55+.

Today’s Basic Project : Cotton Wash clothes

Supplies : (for 2 )

1 skein of worsted weight yarn ( 100 % cotton yarn)

Number #6 American size needles

A gauge of 4 stitches and 6 rows to the inch.

K (knit) P (Pearl)

Directions :

1st row:    K1, *P2,K2* Repeat from * to * until last stitch.  K last stitch

2nd row:  P1, *K2P2*  Repeat from * to * until last stitch.  P last stitch

3rd row:   K1, *K2P2* Repeat from * to * until last stitch.  K last stitch

4th row:   P1, *P2,K2*  Repeat from * to * until last stitch.  P last stitch

Repeat these 4 rows until your piece measures 11 inches.  Bind off and tuck in your loose yarn.

You should learn to knit because…It’s like a relaxing therapy. 2. Knitting stimulates the logical part of our brains and maintains us young and active. While we are knitting we are giving ourselves a mental workout, calculating how much yarn we need or the number of stitches and rows we need. So knit on !

Calling All Knitters:

Knitting for Charities :

A great page of projects,patterns and organizations that collect and distribute items…. Lisa

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