Mid Autumn Moon Festival

Welcomr to my Craft table this Thursday. Celebrate with me the Mid Autumn Moon festival.

My husband family always celebrated it so after we got married I carried on the tradition to pass on to my son.

Festival facts :

Started over 200 years ago to celebrate the autumn harvestand give thanks to the gods for bountiful harvest. The moon cakes eaten at this time symbolize the full moon in the sky. Lisa

Moon cakes 🎂

My kids crafts:

I made this cute little booklet with the kids to explain the holiday. Made from scrapbook paper for pages and binder with thread. Its filled with pictures to color and holiday fun.

My fan :

I love crafts that are fun and inexpensive to make. This Chinese fan is both.

Start with white paper plate cut in half. ( 2 fans)

Paint or color in red . And decorate.

The handle are just sticks from the yard wrapped with thread.

Enjoy! Lisa

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