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Welcome Wednesday foodies!

Today my post is all about cooking after Hurricane Delta. Sometimes you just have to improvise after losing electricity. Good thing we had a grill and propane burner to the rescue.

On the Menu:

For Breakfast: drip coffee on the burner. Bacon and eggs in the cast iron skillet. ( just like camping) .

Lunch or Supper: sandwiches, hot dogs, and burgers from the grill. Anything that can be cooked before it going spoiled is cooked and shared with friends. Always keep cold things in a cooler with ice.

Sausage, hot dogs and beans

On the burner Dad’s 🌶:

1 can Rotella

1/2 c of coffee

1/2 beef stock

Ground meat

Boxed chili mix ( your favorite kind)

Chopped onions, bell peppers, celery (mix)

Brown ground meat add onions ,pepper and garlic and let soften . Then layer the flavors and spices slowly and let cook.

Best advice is be prepared when the warnings go out. If you are ordered to evacuate do so. Get ready by making sure dishes and landry is done in the house and outside is taken care of including Pets.. We had water but most places ran out of ice and bread. And No electricity means most gas stations are closed-so fill up.

Make the most of it and Be Safe.. Lisa

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