Make it Monday : DIY Clay Pot Snowman

Since Thanksgiving is over I am Now getting ready for Christmas ! Since leaving Michigan for Louisiana we are missing the Snow and making Snowman. So today I am making one out of Clay flower pots.

First glue two clay pots together, one upside down on top of the other. Probably any type of glue that is permanent Paint your pots with white texture paint let dry. Seal with white paint and let dry. Make your Black hat from paper and cardboard. Let dry and add to Snowman. Then add your details to make your snowman with scraf and Holly.

  • 5 clay pots (various sizes)
  • laytex paint or spray paint for your snowman
  • Scarf , Buttons, Pom Poms and decorations for Snowman

This cute snowman is quite easy to make. Stack larger terra cotta clay pots on top of each other.  Paint them white and add a face using acrylic paints. Add some pom poms for the buttons and finally a bow hat. And there you have your cute snowman perfect for your front porch!

For this project you will need:– terracotta clay pot
– styrofoam ball
– white acrylic paint
– textured snow paint
– felt snowman hat (found in craft store)
– 6 mm red wooden buttons
– wooden skewer
– raffia
– tacky glue
– hot glue gun
Instructions:1. Paint the outside of the terracotta pot white and let it thoroughly dry. Do not paint the bottom of the pot.
2. Using the hot glue gun, attach the styrofoam ball on the pot and let the glue cool down.
3. Paint the textured snow paint over the head and pot and let it dry overnight. The drying time may take between 12 and 24 hours.
4. . Glue this onto the hat using the tacky glue.And add the buttons.
5. Place glue on the inside cylinder of the hat with the hot glue gun and immediately place it onto the head and let the glue cool
6. Paint the face on the Snowman .
7. Make a broom by bunching a  bundle of raffia pieces together and binding them off at one end. Dip one end of the skewer into tacky glue and insert the skewer into the center of the bundle and let dry.
8. Attach the broom to the snowman with the hot glue gun.
.Craft Recipe for Snow!
Make your own snow paste by mixing sand with white paint. Mix until the mixture is thick. Apply it with a small craft spatula and let it dry overnight.

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