Welcome : November

Thanks for stopping bye this Monday ! Can you believe it’s November already. Time to change out decoration from Halloween to Thanksgiving. My first thing to change out is my front door décor to Welcome in November !

So I am visiting my friend Pam who is teaching me how to make this front door wreath and more. So Welcome !

Pam’s house

Wreath Making Basics

For beginners, there are two different techniques you can try when making a wreath. You’ll either begin with a wire form or a rounded straw or foam base for your wreath. Materials to decorate your wreath are attached to the form with either floral wire and/or craft glue. In general, wire forms are more versatile and allow the wreath maker for more creativity, whereas a foam base is not easily reshaped. You can use a single wire frame for smaller, more delicate wreaths or try making a fuller wreath with a double wire frame.

Fresh evergreen wreath :

  1. Gather your materials: wire form (single or double), floral wire, evergreen cuttings, wire cutters, and work gloves.
  2. Wrap floral wire, still on its paddle, around the form three times.
  3. Place bundles of cuttings on the form and attach them by wrapping the floral wire around the stems three times.
  4. Overlap the next bundle over the original by half and wrap the floral wire around the stems three times.
  5. Continue this process around the form until you’ve reached your starting place.
  6. Leave several inches of floral wire free before cutting.
  7. Secure the wire under the form with a knot. You can also twist the wire around itself to make a loop so you can easily hang your wreath.

Making Wreaths with Silk flowers


  • Wreath form
  • selection of artificial or silk flowers ( this one is eucalyptus for the base and floral flowers)
  • wire cutter
  • floral tape

Step 1: Cover the wire wreath form with artificial eucalyptus.  Trim the excess stem from the leaf spray with wire cutters. Tape the stems of the greenery to the wreath form to secure.

Step 2: Cut down the stems of the artificial flowers using wire cutters.  Leave approximately 4-6″ of stem.

Step 3: Attach the stem of the flowers to the wreath form using floral tape. 

Step 4: Change your wreath for each season!  Gently remove the flowers from the previous season by cutting off the tape that attaches it to the wreath.  Alternate the florals for Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter easily with corresponding artificial blooms. 

Looking for more Thanksgiving tips, recipes and more .Check back daily… Lisa

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