Making Artisan Breads in the Bread Machine:

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Beautiful Loaves and Flatbreads from All Over the World – Includes Loaves Made Start-to-Finish in the … Start in the Machine and Finish in the Oven 

Delicious, comforting, and authentic artisan breads are expensive to buyat yourgrocery store or local bakery. Now you can use your bread machine to make them at home for a fraction of what store-bought breads cost.

Veteran chef, baker, and food writer Michelle Anderson has put dozens of models and sizes of bread machines through their paces and knows better than anyone what a bread machine can do. Would you like abouleor abaguettewith your next picnic or brunch? Would the delectable aroma of a just-madeciabattaorfocacciacreate the perfect atmosphere for your next pasta supper? Michelle shows youthe fastest and easiest ways to make these and many other rustic and comforting breads. Her recipes include breads made…

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