Monday Post :

Hello Monday ! Can you believe it’s already the 25th of January ? Today’s weather is humid and 70’s with chance of Rain typical Louisiana weather that goes from hot to cold and makes everyone ‘s sinus crazy . And the grass and flowers dont know what to do.

We have been okay in the midst of another week of pandemics numbers going up in Louisiana. Here in my small town my hubby office has been hit so we are all doing some extra cleaning. The one thing we can all do is Was Your Hands ! So be safe and wash you hands. correctly.

It’s not over yet….. Lisa

Blog Update :

Project Life

Up this Week :

  • We are at the food bank / recipe
  • Food blog : Chocolate cake ( Baking Month)
  • Thursday : January planner (moving to Monday)
  • Friday – outside view ( Gamping)
  • Saturday & Sunday : OLW -Silence update for January

As I get ready for February you will see some changes on my blog. And I hope you enjoy the changes. This week we will be wrapping up January as we start a busy new month…

So get ready for February a short month packed with excitement : I will be celebrating Chinese New Year , Valentine Day and Mardi Gras ,,,, Lisa

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