Garden time

Welcome to Garden time in South Louisiana this March. And time to plan our new spring and summer garden . I am in a new location this year so I am excited about planning my new garden.

My home and garden:

This is some pictures from my backyard. My first new project is a new compost bin next to the fence. Made out of chicken wire and fencing. Placed out of the way but with good drainage. To keep my compost bin healthy and free of animals. .

Compost bin ingredients:

Newspaper, magazines

Vegtables, fruit, coffee grounds

Leaves ,yard clipping

With lots of care It will be having rich nutritious soil in a couple of months to add to my garden.

Check my Pinterest board ( Garden plans.) for composting tips and bin directions. Lisa

Good news : looks like I will be back online tomorrow for Wed food blog. Lisa

4 thoughts on “Garden time

      1. Do you do yours in layers? Newspaper then food? Cardboard is very good as is old coffee grinds. We left ours for a couple of months at first then turned it and kept layering it. Seems to work for us.

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