Thankful Thursday :

This week I am Thankful for:

My family Health. All through the crisis this year we have been healthy and working.

Summer job: My son is home from college working at a Summer job. In a small town any job is a blessing when he can walk to work and get paid to work.

Blue is Now part of our family. We lost Charlie our Beagle of 12 years and soon adopted a rescue dog (puppy) Blue. He was only a few moths old but is growing . I recommend if you are wanting to adopt a pet check your local shelter and rescue.

Our Community is coming together to help there neighbors with : Volunteering at the Community garden, cleaning yards and helping with food trucks and bills. O am very Thankful to all that give of themselves.

Sunshine : After a week of Rain it’s nice to see Sunshine. But with that Heat, Humidity and Bugs.

Town of Melville

One thought on “Thankful Thursday :

  1. Congrats on the new fur-addition to your family!!!
    & love summer jobs giving kids the chance to earn money of their own – teaches good values


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