Saturday Morning : College Bound

This Saturday We are off early to get my son pack and move in to his campus dorm. With everything going on in Louisiana and COVID – we have had to make some extra preparations this semester. But he’s ready to get back to campus. Have a Great Saturday Everyone ! Lisa

UL Student Union:

College Dorm :

Items to add to your college packing list during COVID-19

  •  Thermometer – In this environment, we all need to take personal responsibility for monitoring ourselves for signs and symptoms of COVID-19. This should be done daily and before heading out of your residence hall room. A quick temp check is an easy way to monitor your health even if you’re feeling perfectly fine. 
  • Face Masks – most college campuses, face masks are expected indoors
  • . Hand sanitizer. You’ll see it around campus, but you’ll also want your own. Get a big bottle and a small travel size to refill and carry with you. 
  • Household disinfectant. Bathrooms and common areas will be cleaned regularly on campus and in residence halls, but keeping your personal space clean is also important — think of high touch areas such as desktops, tables, light switches and keyboards
  • 7. Health insurance information — and not just the card. Get to know your plan and coverage in case you need to use it. For instance, local healthcare

College Dorm Elevator:

Class Planner Fun :

Journal :

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