Farmer’s Day

This is a day to honor and thank all of the hardworking farmers and ranchers who plow, sow, grow, and harvest to feed our nation.

Let’s pay tribute to the men, women, and families who put food in the grocery stores and on our tables every day.

We especially rely on farmers to get fresh food on our tables during these uncertain times.

Thomasson Farm ; my Cousins Sugar cane crop.

Who is the modern farmer? Every 5 years, the United States Department of Agriculture conducts a census of U.S. farmers.

  • While the latest census data shows that the majority of farmers are older (average age: 58+), there are also more young men, women, and minority farmers than ever before.
  • You may be surprised to learn that 97.1% of farms in America are family farms—family-owned and family-operated.

We need farmers of the future to plant, feed, raise, and harvest all of the food that keeps our citizens fed.

While only 2% of our population are farmers, farmers’ contribution to the economy extends well beyond the food they grow for us to eat. In 2019, 22.2 million full- and part-time jobs were related to the agricultural and food sectors—10.9% of total U.S. employment.

Farmers keep many communities alive including

  • trucking, railroads, and transportation
  • clothing, textiles, and leather goods
  • grocery stores, food services, eating and drinking places
  • food and beverage manufacturing
  • pharmaceuticals
  • forestry and fisheries


Supporting your local farmer is easy! Here are a few ideas:

  • Buy fruits and vegetables from a farmers’ markets. Many small farms sell directly to the consumer through farmers’ markets. You’ll meet the local farmers who grew your food, learn about their farming practices, and buy the freshest produce, eggs, and meat

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