New You : Fosoo Apex Tooth Brush

Happy Tuesday ! This Tuesday I am back with another great product. I was contacted by the marketing department to try this New tooth brush. Since it’s something we use daily I thought why not ! Since I was not formalize with company I did a little research – so here’s what i found out and my thoughts:

Fosoo Co.

FOSOO is an international oral care brand. Everything about FOSOO oral care products gives an extraordinary experience. All our products have good stories to tell; from the design which takes into account exquisiteness – durability – and comfort, to being affordable, speaking unfiltered truth about high-quality, making a connection with users, and building trust.

At FOSOO, we’re transforming oral care through modern innovation, professional care, and an understanding of the everyday needs of our customers. We didn’t just set out to create convenient, effective oral care solutions for modern living, we set out to change the way you think about dental care.


  • 4 Cleaning Modes
  • 3 Intensities
  • 2500mAh Li-ion Battery
  • Soft, Contouring Bristles
  • Metal Handle
  • Magnetic Wireless Charging

What’s In The Box?

My Box

1 x FOSOO Apex Sonic Electric Toothbrush
1 x Clean Brush Head With A Cover
1 x Sensitive Brush Head With A Cover
1 x Magnetic Charging Base
1 x Manual

APEX sonic electric toothbrush brush head comes with a case, which acts as both a brush head storage case and a protector for keeping the brush head clean and covered when traveling.

Superior clean, unique combination of rounded-tip bristles and triangular shaped bristles, remove more plaque and surface stains.Know when to replace, blue reminder bristles let you know when to replace your brush head.Soft tongue scraper on the back is designed to clean your tongue. Keep your mouth smelling fresh .Compatible with all FOSOO electric toothbrush handles.You will receive 4 FOSOO clean replacement brush heads.

Need Replacement heads : ( Fast -Free shipping)

My thoughts on the tooth brush :

What I like :

  • Love the Color mine is Pink (but comes in 3 colors. I would love to see it in black for my son.
  • Metal base with grips ( love the weight in my hand)
  • Battery life (Lasts up to 180 days on full charge) And very quite.
  • Great brush heads with two types for extra cleaning. ( i love the indicator on the brush to show it needs changing)


Color and Package: This tooth brush comes in 3 great colors. I received mine in Pink . A great Pink box with name and pictue on the front. That opens to presentation box of all the included items. The package is beautiful as the tooth brush inside!

Metal handle: The handle of APEX sonic electric toothbrush is made of zinc alloy material, antibacterial and sustainable. IPX7 waterproof design is safe to use in the shower or bath.

Noise : Unparalleled noise reduction technology reduces the amplitude of the toothbrush jitters, and lower noise generated to the smallest decibel that humans can hear—less than 50 decibels. It will not affect the work and daily life of others, creating a quiet atmosphere for every time brushing teeth.

Battery Life : 2500mAh Li-ion Battery. Last up too 180 days with full charge. Great for traveling.

Brush Heads : Comes with Two different heads. Clean and Sensitive With some great features. Great bristleless and a color changing feature to let you know it’s time to change the brush head. Also features a tough scrapper.

My Cons:

How do you turn it on? How to use the Controls? Where the Plug?

First let me say I am a 60 plus Wife and Mom. And the controls which are awesome looking. Left me mystified and looking for help. . I did grab the manual from the box. But really No help. But I did go the the website and found out what I need. To turn it own and work the controls.

Manual included: Too small print. And i would suggest a bigger manual with pictures to explain to people like me (60 plus)

Where the Plug ? No regular plug – you need a lap top , computer or block to charge the tooth brush base. Maybe I am just old but I would like another option to charge it.

My verdict :

. Overall, this is a great sonic toothbrush. It is sleek, powerful and works very well for what it is designed to do And would make a great gift for yourself or a love one in your family. Lisa

Thanks for stopping bye this Tuesday ! See you tomorrow for Lisa Food Blog…

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