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Backpack Explorer: Bug Hunt: What Will You Find?

Head outside and get the buzz on bugs! Packed with educational prompts and activities, this fourth book in the Backpack Explorer series encourages junior naturalists to spot insects while on a walk in the woods, playing in a park, or searching right outside their front door. Twelve interactive field guides help young seekers identify fliers, crawlers, and pollinators, while sensory scavenger hunts, projects such as Weave a Web or Make a Bug Hotel, and cool bug facts boost the insect intrigue. Equipped with a real magnifying glass, stickers, and a log for recording sightings, this book is the perfect companion for any nature


Weave a Web : 

  • Paper plate
  • White string
  • 1 black pipe cleaner
  • Whole punch
  • Scissors

Step 1: Cut out the center of your paper plate. Punch holes all around the inside. Tie the string around one hole and have your child weave through the holes to create the web, providing the amount of guidance necessary for your child to be successful. To stop the string from fraying, place a small piece of clear tape around the end.

Step 2: Cut a black pipe cleaner into 4 pieces. Help your child twist the pieces together to make a spider.

Step 3: Tie the spider into the spiderweb, and your project is complete!

This week we are exploring the Great Outdoors – come join us… Lisa

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