Lisa Book Shelf : Just Date and See:

Join bestseller Portia MacIntosh for a brand new laugh-out-loud, feel-good read, guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

‘Smart, funny and always brilliantly entertaining, every book from Portia becomes my new favourite romcom.’ Sharl Low

Billie is looking forward to a quiet, man-free Christmas. It’s just a shame her family doesn’t feel the same way…

With a house full of unexpected (and unwanted) guests, Billie needs to find the perfect escape to get away from the chaos.

So when her dating app recommends a week of singles nights in her area, Billie decides that braving these events has to be better than making conversation with her dad’s new wife, dealing with her mum’s mid-life crisis or witnessing her sister flirting with her insufferably arrogant next-door neighbour.

While this is definitely not the festive season she had planned, between disco bowling and boozy bingo, little does Billie know that she may find love this year after all – she’ll just have to date and see…

Fall in love with the perfect laugh-out-loud festive read from top 10 bestseller Portia MacIntosh.

Why on Book shelf:

This book is definitely a cute story . I enjoyed reading about Billie and her dating life. And the fun she had with the dating app and single events during the holiday. I remember dating and holidays were always the worst as a single women. But Now there’s an app for that. And Billie finds Roscoe!

So much for Billie’s quiet Christmas ( men less) , Billie Christmas kept getting louder and louder as more and more people showed up as unexpected, and even uninvited house guests. Her family was fun, they each had personalities that made for some different drama to add to the whole craziness of the holidays. Making for a fun modern romance that is a sure pick up for the holiday season.

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