Lisa Book Shelf : Children book

Today at the Melville Library on our Children book shelf is this cute Book. Let’s learn all about Harvesting Honey !

In their last adventure,David of the Bees, Kathy learned that she doesn’t have to be afraid of bees.

Now, Kathy’s excited to help her beekeeper friend, David, gather honey from his bees! But how does David get the honey? What will the bees eat if their honey is taken away? How do beekeepers use smoke to help the bees? What are ‘supers’, and how do bees recycle?

Designed for children aged 5 to 11, this book has vibrant color pictures showing how David collects honey from his hives. Learn how beekeepers gather honey so we can enjoy it!

Learn the answers to:

  • What are ‘supers’?
  • Why do beekeepers use a smoker?
  • Is a frame heavy?
  • Do you have to do math to gather honey?
  • What will the bees eat if we take away their honey?
  • How does the honey come out of the frames?
  • Why does honey smell like flowers?
  • How do bees recycle?
  • This story is written to simply explain where honey comes from, and how a beekeeper collects honey without harming the bees. With gentle humor, Francie Farmer shows how even kids can enjoy caring for bees.
  • And don’t forget to read the prequel, David of the Bees!

Library Craft : Bee’s

Toilet paper rolls or paper towel roll cut in half

– Pink paint

– Black marker

– Cardstock – white, black and yellow

– Small googly eyes

– Black pipe cleaner

– Small black pom poms

Cover the toilet paper rolls with yellow paper and Glue on. Let dry. Then with a marker make the Bee face and then cut black strips of paper and glue on. Let dry. Then Cut pipe cleaner to size and glue black poms on. Let dry and Add to Bee. Add goggle eyes and enjoy. 

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