Breast Cancer Awareness Crafts

Welcome to my Thursday craft post. Today I am making Breast Cancer Awareness inspired crafts to give as gifts or to Sell to raise money for the cause.

Peeler plastic beads crafts

  • Fuse beads
  • Fuse bead pegboards
  • Accessories: iron and paper
  • Step 1 : Sketch out a design to follow. And place beads where you need them. I used white, clear and Pink from my box.

Step 2: Cover the beads with ironing paper (comes with the pegboard set). Set your iron to medium and fuse the beads together evenly by ironing in a swirling motion for about 30 seconds. Only iron one side so the beads melt stay together, and the other side shows the beads in tact. TIP: Use a cutting board to work on just to be safe.

Pony Beads crafts: Key Chain

  • Pony beads
  • Letter beads
  • Heart beads
  • Jewelry cord
  • Keychains or Lanyard Hooks

Step 1: Cut a piece of cord about 12 inches long. Bring the two ends together, and a loop will form in the middle. Make a knot to attach the loop to the keychain ring.

Step 2: Choose what color beads and what pattern you’d like for your keychain. String the beads on in the order you want, and then tie the ends.

Step 3: Now you can hang your keychain on your bag to raise awareness, give it to a friend, or use it to raise money at a fundraiser!

Paper Crafts to share:

I found these great stickers and sayings. And I add the pink ribbons and tags to the cards.

We had a meet up at the Library and made these crafts to sell to raise money. But we also made kits with the supplies to Sell for people that wanted to take Home to make…Lisa

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