Holiday Gifts : Wine Lovers

Today at Holiday Home : I am making crafts with wine glasses , corks and Charms. These make perfect gift for any occassian so Enjoy!

Upside Down Wine Glass Candle holder:

  • Hot glue gun
  • Figurines/ornaments
  • Fake snow/foam balls
  • White paint
  • Sturdy Cardboard I used a Cheez-it Box
  • Ribbon
  • Pillar candle

Trace the bottom of a wine glass on a piece of thin cardboard. Cut it out. Paint it white and let dry.

  • Pour some fake snow or balls in the wine glass. Glue on your figurines to the cardboard circle.
  • Put hot glue around the rim of the wine glass then tip the figurines upside-down and press around the edges. If any snow falls out add extra hot glue, Tie a bow or ribbon on and glue. Finish your holder with a piller candle.

Wine Cork Ornaments or Key Chains :

Glue your washers to the ends of the cork.  Start with the larger washer. Then add the smaller washer over the larger one. Add the screw eye hooks.  These just get screwed into the cork on each end. On the bottom, add your bead and charms.  You may have to add a jump ring to the charm and create a hook with the head pin for the bead. Add some bakers twine or you could add and ornament hook to hang it on the tree.

Instead of hanging from a tree you can put a Round Key ring founding from one end to make it a gift for any time.

Wine Glass Charms:

You can also buy ring that are made for wine charms at any big box store.

I make a set of these for every bottle I give as a gift. I match the charms to the gift recipient. Lisa

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