DIY : Seed Stater Greenhouses

This Thursday its all about fun and esy ways to start seed indoors. Just when we thought it was warm to plant a cold spell hits. But ready to do some planting…

After Dyeing Eggs : Recycle the cartoons

  • fill the egg carton with seed starting soil. Seed starting soil is an extra light soil that easily allows the seed to sprout and grow.
  • Next, plant one seed in each compartment and cover it with soil. Make sure that the seed packet recommends starting the seeds in a tray and not in the ground. (Some seeds don’t do well when transplanted.)
  • Lastly, mist the soil in the egg carton with a spray bottle or gently pour water over each compartment to wet the soil. Place the egg carton in a sunny window and keep the soil moist. Don’t let it dry out or the seeds will have trouble sprouting. Try to keep the temperature and moisture even thoughout the sprouting process because

PS: Plastic eggs also make great containers for starting seeds.

Upcycled Milk Jug

The beauty of milk jug sprouting is once you plant seeds, moisten the soil, and tape up the sides, you can pretty much ignore the emerging seedlings until they are ready to be transplanted; no need for babysitting. The almost closed system keeps moisture in and uses the warmth of sunlight to nudge seeds from dormancy to germination. It is an efficient, green, portable, fun, easy-peasy way to start seeds.

Plastic ups are not just for kids:

  • Fill the labeled cup 3/4 way up with seed starting mix. Make a half inch hole in the middle of the soil.
  • 3. Place seeds inside the hole and cover with more soil, just below the edge of the cup.
  • 4. Water soil thoroughly, but not so much that water pools at the bottom of the cup.
  • Plant your seeds.
  •  Place cup in a sunny spot and wait. Within a week you should see your seed sprouting and growing. Because of the moist growing conditions in the greenhouse, you shouldn’t need to water unless the soil feels dry to the touch.
  • 7. Once the plant has grown to the touch the top of the second cup, remove it and use it for another greenhouse.
  • That’s it! Let your plant keep growing in the cup or harden off your plant and move it outside to the garden

Plastic companies:

These plastic storage buckets aren’t just good for keeping plants warm and out of the wind – the plants are made portable because they can be carried around.So they can follow the sun  – with your help of course.

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