Garden 101 Part 2

Happy Tuesday and today I am sharing my part 2 of my garden post.

In the Ground or Raised Bed ?

Normally i garden in grownd but this year I am using raised beds. Why ?

  • Manageability: Raised beds offer a manageable way to garden a smaller space intensively.
  • Prevention of soil compaction and plant damage: One of the greatest advantages of raised beds comes from the protection the structure provides from foot traffic, especially from children working in a garden area. Since people work on the paths and don’t walk in well-designed raised beds, the soil does not get compacted and plants are less likely to be damaged.
  • Longer growing season: Raised beds warm up more quickly in the spring and drain better (assuming the soil is properly prepared), allowing for a longer growing season and better growing conditions. Particularly in the South, a properly prepared raised bed allows plant roots to breathe.
  • Less weeding and maintenance: Once the soil in a raised bed has stabilized, compaction is almost non-existent so the need for seasonal tilling is minimal. Weed populations decrease over time in a raised bed that is well cared for and mulched.
  • Easier soil amendments: A raised bed can enable crop growth in an area that otherwise would not support gardening. On steep slopes, raised beds can act as a form of terracing. Raised beds can be built on parking lots and other compacted, difficult-to-garden urban soils. For specific crops that thrive in particular soils, raised beds can be amended appropriately.
  • Material conservation: Because the gardening space is concentrated, the management of water, fertilizer, mulch and soil amendments can be more carefully controlled, leading to less waste.
  • Access for gardeners with disabilities: Raised beds, at the proper height, can improve access for wheelchairs, or for gardeners who have a hard time bending over.

DIY Raised Beds tips :

For garden bed grown on top of lawn, it’s a good idea to add organic matter such as leaves, straw, grass clippings and old garden refuse. Over this, a layer or cardboard should be placed.

I have soil in my garden that has been enriched with compost, so I didn’t add any extra material to the bottom.

Vegetabl e raised garden beds need more room for roots to grow, so they should be 12-18 inches deep.

For flowers, as long as your bed is 8-12 inches tall, you will be fine.

Best Vegetables to grow ?

  • Bush beans are one of the best vegetables to grow in raised beds because they’re quick, easy, and compact. Most varieties begin to crop a mere 50 to 55 days from seeding.
  • Hot peppers
  • Tomato
  • Cucumbers
  • Carrots

Thanks for joining me this Tuesday ! So How is your Garden growing ?

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