DIY Garden Pavers

Thursday Craft is perfect for this time of year. So enjoy this easy DIY project.

Lisa Everyday Crafts

  • a mold or a disposable round aluminum pan or old cake pan can be used as stone molds
  • concrete mix
  • water
  • vegetable oil or cooking spray
  • Bucket to mix the concrete in
  • and something to stir with. We started with a paint stirring stick but had to upgrade to a real spoon once the mixture stiffened.
  • (Optional) sea glass, small stones, flat stones, mosaic tiles, pieces of china, glass pieces, glass beads or other decorative items to make your own design

Coat your mold with oil so that it will easily release the stepping stone once it has dried.

Pour the concrete mix in the bucket (our stepping stone kit mix made 8 lbs. of concrete). <–Be careful of the concrete dust…you may even want a dust mask for this part.

Add water per directions & mix to the consistency of sour cream or thick cake batter.

Blend well and pour into mold…

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